Antenatal Clinic

Our Community Midwife provides care and advice during pregnancy. Information on antenatal clinics can be obtained through Community reception.


A healthy pregnancy starts before conceiving. If you smoke, both you and your partner should stop. Ensure that your alcohol consumption is kept to a minimum or abstain completely. Ask your doctor to check if you are immune from Rubella (German Measles).  If you require immunisation, use a barrier method of contraception for approximately 3 months until the vaccine takes effect and it is safe to become pregnant.  Have regular smears, every 3 years to ensure the cervix is health during pregnancy.

Ask your doctor for a prescription or buy from the chemist a supply of Folic Acid 400mcg tablets.  Take one daily for approximately 3 months before and 3 months after the start of pregnancy. There is strong scientific evidence to suggest such a supplement in addition to a healthy balanced diet can reduce the risk of the baby being born with the severe disabling illness, spina bifida.


One in ten couples experience some degree of difficulty conceiving. It is reasonable after one year of trying to conceive without success to ask for advice from your doctor. This difficulty may equally be caused by a problem concerning either partner. Advice from your doctor may lessen the need for future treatment.