Women’s Health

Dr Reid, Dr Crossland and Dr Earl can fit and remove contraceptive implants. If you would like a contraceptive implant, please make an appointment to discuss this first, and to get a prescription for the implant as you need to bring the implant with you to be fitted. Insertions take a normal 10 minute appointment, removal requires a 30 minute appointment. Dr Reid and Dr Earl both fit IUD/IUS’s. If you wish to consider this as a form of contraception you should make a routine appointment to discuss this first, then make a 30 minute appointment for insertions, having collected the coil from the chemist first.

Smears are routinely done by Kathleen, the Practice Nurse, but can be done by a GP if required.

The practice Registrar may, on occasion, be in training at this appointment but patients will always be offered the option to be seen alone by the GP: the Registrar is, however, a fully qualified doctor, who will have often done some further training in gynaecology.