Patient Confidentiality


The Wood Medical Practice is committed to providing its patients with high quality health care and to forming a relationship with them based upon trust. This means that both staff and the clinicians respect patient privacy and the confidentiality of their medical information.


Medical Records


As health care needs are treated, clinicians are required to maintain a complete copy of patient’s medical conditions, treatment plans and treatment given including the results of tests, procedures and therapies. Some of this information is stored in a written file and some is stored on computer. Both sets of information are stored in a safe and secure environment, one that protects patient privacy and confidentiality. These records are only accessed by the doctors and other health care professionals involved in patient care.


How do we assure patient privacy?


Staff and clinicians in the practice adhere to confidentiality and recognise the importance of patient privacy. Any violation of confidentiality or failure of an employee to protect a patients’ information from accidental or unauthorised access will not be tolerated and such an incident would be subject to disciplinary action.